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BIOPROTECTED specializes in creating healthy indoor environments everywhere humans interact. Our innovative solution is a WATER-BASED antimicrobial surface protectant that can be applied to surfaces to kill and PREVENT the growth of potentially harmful microbes.

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Our Process

Our team of highly trained technicians will come and protect your space utilizing our proprietary process, leaving you with results you can measure!

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    Our technicians will swab all high-traffic touchpoints for microbial counts using precision ATP readers.

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    Clean & Disinfect

    Our team will deep clean your space using disinfectants to ensure optimal cleanliness.

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    We will apply our surface protectant using an electrostatic sprayer. This creates a bonded layer of protection from potentially harmful microbes for up to 90 days.

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    Results Report

    Our team will perform follow-up testing, reviewing your results in a post-report.

Industries We Serve

Ask About Our Patented 3-Step Air Filtration

HEPA-Like Performance
Capturing 99.95% at 0.1 Microns

Easy to Install in any HVAC System

3 Levels of Protection

  1. Pre-Filter with a Merv-6 Rating - Dust, Pollen Mold
  2. Patented Submicron Filter - Viruses, bacteria and harmful pathogens
  3. Carbon Filter - toxic VOC’s and bad odours
Air Filter

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